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Laura Rosal

Wise Choice Educational Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Laura Rosal with the simple philosophy of maximizing human potential by transforming minds and creating new destinies. For 12 years, we have provided focused high-quality services ranging from Family Mediation, Coaching, Educational Services (assessments, reading, writing, and math remediation) plus consulting around school, career and vocational assistance.

Melanie Hempel, Coach

Melanie is passionate about helping families go beyond surviving to being free to enjoy one another. She facilitates growth toward living together in a safe environment where you have a choice instead of life being dictated by circumstances and behaviors. Join Melanie to discover that there is hope and a place for your dreams in your future.

Melanie has a bachelor's degree in counseling and psychology and is trained and certified by ICF to coach.  She has served as an advocate for foster children for eleven years and has done independent study on the effects of trauma and attachment on the developing brain. 

Melanie enjoys traveling and hiking with her husband of 25 years and 2 grown children.  She is often outside tending her garden, tackling invasive species, or taking care of the animals on their hobby farm.

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