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Father's Day can be Painful. How to Guide Your Child.

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There are 21,000,000 children being raised in single parent households, many of those households are mothers raising the children.

I often receive the following question, “How do I talk to our kids about the father if he is not healthy or safe for them to be with, or if that other father has disappeared?”

Here are some tips on how and what to communicate to your children so they continue to feel loved.

  • Speak well of the good memories that you have with your child’s father.

  • Talk about the dreams you and your child’s father had for your child.

  • Talk about when your child was born. Every child likes to hear about what they were like as a baby.

Furthermore, another important step is to allow and assist your child in making a gift for their father. This can sit in a box or envelope for the next time they see their father, or make for a collection when their father comes back around.

Always remember to speak respectfully of their father. Never call the other parent anything disrespectful, and don’t allow your children to use non-honouring terms to nickname their father.

Parenting is difficult, but we offer Parent Coaching sessions to help guide you through the process whether you are co-parenting or doing it alone. Book an appointment here.

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Our team at Wise Choice Family & Educational Solutions is passionately committed to helping families and individuals go beyond surviving to being free to enjoy life and realize their potential. We're here to help you schedule an appointment today.

- Laura Rosal, MA Qualified Mental Health Professional & Mediator

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