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Love Your Neighbor

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We seem to be in an era where people are becoming less accepting of others. A new dynamic of viewing people who are different from ourselves as our enemies is cutting across many families and friendships. We have established “boundaries” that keep us at arms length from others who hold different thoughts and beliefs.

However, we need to STOP hating and being disrespectful to each other just because we disagree on certain topics. We as a society can, and should, do better at being accepting of others.

Truly healthy relationships come from having connections with people from a broad spectrum of beliefs and viewpoints. It is not healthy only being with like-minded individuals, and we are better off living in a diverse community where people have different beliefs and thought processes. It is not healthy to only be with like-minded people who only think the same way as you do.

Some might ask, “why would I want to go out of my way to converse with others who believe differently than I do? This is too much work.”

The reason being is that we are meant to live with each other in community and we will never get to be at peace with others if we cannot have a sense of acceptance and hear what others are saying, and learn from their perspective. It does not mean that the other person has a right to bully you into seeing and accepting their perspective. It does mean that you will be better for listening and understanding the other person’s perspective, and they will be better for knowing and understanding yours.

Be sure to check back and join us next time when we talk about how to effectively communicate your needs to others. In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out to at least one person who is different from you and begin a friendly conversation.

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Our team at Wise Choice Family & Educational Solutions is passionately committed to helping families and individuals go beyond surviving to being free to enjoy life and realize their potential. We're here to help you schedule an appointment today.

- Laura Rosal, MA Qualified Mental Health Professional & Mediator

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