Operating From Your Core Values

Be all that you were meant to be!

How many of us are in a transition, but feel stuck moving from this transition to the transformation we truly want? That was a long way to say – how many of us are in a constant battle of trying to lose/gain weight? When in reality, what we really want is the transformation of a healthy body. Many of us believe we are fighting for our families, when in fact we are fighting against our families due to our obstinate struggles to gain control.

Instead, I would like to suggest that we operate out of our core values.


Our core values are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and help us distinguish the difference between right and wrong. Core values work as our enduring guide to help us know if we are on the right path towards fulfilling our goals.

If you have not yet taken the Core Values Index (CVI), I would love to offer you a complimentary abbreviated version of the complete CVI. It takes about ten minutes to complete and will help to identify your Primary and Secondary core values. Click here for the link

If you have questions as to what your core values are, and what they mean for how you are put together, I would be glad to schedule a coaching appointment to focus on learning about YOU.

Discovering who you are and your core values includes discovering your learning style, how you are wired and how you deal with conflict. It includes learning strategies to overcome your weaknesses and finding which strategies will work well for you in your life.

The Core Values Index (CVI) can also be used with a work team or a whole family to strategize ways that each member is able to live and lead from who they are instead of leading from one’s weaknesses.

It is really fun to learn to love who we are, make the transformations we desire, and share our greatness with the world around us.

You were made for a great purpose.

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