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Terms & Conditions

As a licensed mediator and coach, I am committed to providing you with the best possible care. Payment for services is due prior to the time of service. 


No-show fees are charged for appointments canceled without a 24-hour advanced notice. The no-show fee is equivalent to your session fee. The cost for services is $200 per hour session. If the session goes beyond 90 minutes, client will be charged at the regular hourly rate of $200 per hour. 


Phone Calls and Documentation: Phone calls and write-ups/documentation will be charged at the regular hourly rate of $200 per hour in .25 hour increments. 


Limitations on Confidentiality in the following situation(s): 

  1. Clear and present danger of self or others 

  2. Child abuse 

  3. Counseling of minors (parental consent) 

  4. Confidentiality with individuals who are part of the client's family/couple. 

  5. Physicians/Treatment providers 

  6. Court order 


Payment is required prior to services. 

For ongoing coaching or mediation, we request a trust deposit of $1,500. If needed you'll be forwarded credit card authorization forms. 


For individual sessions and bookings, you use the form to submit a credit card for payment as services as they are rendered. 


Note: If two parties are to be billed, please fill out two credit card authorization forms.

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