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Parent education can be conducted in groups or with individual families. Behavioral based parent training has been used for many years and has been found to be very effective with:

  • Establishing house rules, structure and consistent routines.

  • Learning to notice appropriate behaviors and celebrating good and healthy choices.

  • Using “Love and Logic” consequence behavior systems.  (Such as “When…then.”)

  • Self management techniques for positive reinforcement.  Such as “time outs”.  Daily charts and point/token systems with rewards and consequences to teach behavior modification tools.

  • Providing confidence building experiences using chores and new routines.

  • Some families can learn these skills quickly in the course of 8-10 sessions.  While other families (especially with more severely affected children) will require more time and energy to see change.  We teach our classes in a systematic manner.

Therapeutic Visitation

Customized for the child/parent’s need.  Supervised visitation is normally a short-term service while a child/parent is adapting to new or different circumstances.  This service allows a safe and educational leaning experience for the non-custodial parent to enhance their skill-level so that the parent-child relationship can grown.

Business Consultants

Our consultants and meeting facilitators speak English and Spanish and can be part of moving a healthy discussion forward to resolution. We are often seen in Child Welfare offices, in meetings in Juvenile Court, a work place meeting, or a family intervention. Documentation is provided at the end of each session along with accountability to assist you in making progress towards meeting your end goals.  We also often serve as expert witnesses in juvenile and family court cases.


We work with adults and children with such learning disabilities such as: ADHD,Dyslexia or Dyscalculia teaching in a systematic manner with patience and kindness so that our students gain mastery over the needed skills and develop stronger self-esteem. We also help teachers and schools develop concrete individualized educational plans.

Workplace Development

Learn how to flourish with your unique skill set and special circumstances, whilke also learning how to advocate for your own unique needs. Many people just need accommodations to make their lives manageable. You can be successful in fulfilling your mission in life. The world is waiting for you to shine forth!


1. Discover the problem

Our first meeting will help us define where the issues are so we can plan for a more peaceful family future.


2. Create a plan

We create customized plans according to the needs of all people involved that will help alleviate disagreements so you and your children can have a happy family-life.


3. Solve the issue

Our first meeting will help us define where the issues are so we can plan for a more peaceful family future.

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