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Individual + Parent Coaching in Portland

Partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire the client to Mae their personal and professional potential.

Psychology Patient

Individual Coaching

Develop yourself by hiring a coach. We work with individuals and families who are struggling with a physical or mental health component to their lives. Our desire its to support you in discovering your strengths and assist you in implementing a plan to get you where you did not think you could go. Show your brilliance and master what feels unachievable!

Divorce and Separation Transition

Turn the story of this difficult situation into a story of life changing success. Learn better coping skills; how to create healthy boundaries, and how to better develop your strengths so that your intrinsic beauty sparkles for others to see your brightness and beauty.

Parent / Family Coaching

Learn new techniques on how to parent differently; when the old ways are not working. Often times this awakening experienced comes to us when our families hit a roadblock; like a medical diagnosis, prospect of relationship transitioning, or another major life event.

You can change your family tree by getting to know yourself and gain clarity around your future plans. We specialize in assessing and developing Family Life Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Household Management Tools, life skills coaching for individuals with disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Autism) or how to parent with your own special needs. No situation is beyond repair!

Discernment / Relationship Coaching

For the couple at a crossroads point, is your dream of being a whole and intact dissipating before your eyes? We help ordinary people do extra-ordinary things! By gaining clarity in the process of discernment coaching.

Discernment coaching is specifically a short term intervention (1-5 sessions) where you work with a 3rd party neutral mediator to decide one of three paths. Whether you will continue to live as you are, seek counseling for a specific period of time, or separate, or divorce and gain a new tool.

Laura Rosal

1. Discover the problem

Our first meeting will help us define where the issues are so we can plan for a more peaceful family future.


2. Create a plan

We create customized plans according to the needs of all people involved that will help alleviate disagreements so you and your children can have a happy family-life.


3. Solve the issue

Our first meeting will help us define where the issues are so we can plan for a more peaceful family future.

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