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Experiencing Peaceful Living (Marriage)

Experiencing Peaceful Living (Marriage)

Experiencing Peaceful Living: A Thoughtful Plan for Loving Harmoniously in Marriage


This is a methodical plan for how to get “on the same page” of parenting. This workbook is especially designed for married couples trying to conquer the chaos of parenting. This program begins with how to take your individual dreams for a family and implement your combine strengths as parents, and move forward as one united front going in the same direction. From overwhelm to peace. A wonderful tool to go along with the parenting seminars so you have all of your individualized tailor made plans in one place, bound together for you to go forward. This curriculum is often used with blended families and with parents who have children with special needs.


Within 5 sessions, you will develop a vision and a plan for taking your family unit forward with direction and with love towards a great future.

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