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Experiencing Peaceful Living (Single Parenting)

Experiencing Peaceful Living (Single Parenting)

Experiencing Peaceful Living: A Thoughtful Plan for Cutting Through the Chaos of Single Parenting


Do you wish you had a peaceful parenting plan?   This curriculum workbook takes you through the steps on how to set up your household and manage your life so you can parent well.  This workbook provides you with tools when accompanied by the classes provided by Laura Rosal, Parent Coach and Family Mediator.  Believe it or not you will be equipped to parent in a way that cuts through the chaos.  This can also be implemented with a co-parent so both of you can get on the same page and parent from the same set of expectations and cut through the ups and downs your children might be experiencing.  But again, even if your co-parent can’t seem to get on the same script as you, this curriculum and coaching will inspire, encourage, and support you in developing a plan for joy filled parenting.

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