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50 Days Until Halloween - What Focused Parenting Could Do in 50 Days!

You can change your family legacy.

How you can make wonderful things happen in the next 50 days.

Remember when you were 9 weeks pregnant and had the peak of morning sickness in your household? The baby had grown to about an inch and had physical features and organs which were developing into baby like characteristics (lung, heart chambers…). Back in those days we would study what was happening in our bodies and our new baby’s body. Now this baby has developed, and it is easy to get complacent and let time overtake us. But what if we concentrated on what kind of legacy we are leaving for our children?

You can change your family legacy between now and Halloween!

Leaving a legacy is a very tall order. A legacy is anything handed down from the past. What gifts are we leaving our children today for tomorrow? This can mean extending positive values, beliefs and traditions that make your family and improve society as a whole.

Raising children can be viewed as a privilege, a responsibility, hard work, a drag, being crazy in a sea of chaos, overwhelming…

I would like to suggest that you have the privilege of affecting the future of your WHOLE FAMILY TREE by parenting well. You have the opportunity to offer leadership to your household. Will you take this as a challenge and an opportunity to leave your legacy in your children by starting today.

Yes, sometimes it is chaotic, overwhelming, sad and frustrating to parent but then other times, it is rewarding, joyous, funny, and very fulfilling. Parenting is a role which offers so many emotions at one time and many of these emotions are conflicting all at the same time…The paradox creates confusion in itself, but it does not have to. The key is managing your home instead of allowing life to manage you.

What if you set up your parenting role differently so you could endure the hardships to get to the end goals that you are desiring?

Let’s start with what qualities you would like to say your household is full of.

Now make that your goal between now and Halloween (7 more weeks). Make these seven weeks count towards the legacy you are leaving in your family life.

Take Action = Weekly Challenge

What characteristic(s) do I want my children to remember about their home when they go to start their own home?

  • ____________________________________ Examples: Loving

  • ____________________________________ Fun

  • ____________________________________ Allowed each person to develop their talents

Put a * next to the item you are going to work on this Fall. Now, make a list of three things you can start this week and complete in the next 7 weeks.

  • ____________________________________________

  • ____________________________________________

  • ____________________________________________

Example: Signed Marybeth up for swimming lessons. Will make a weekly dinner with Alex starting this Friday.

You can begin to build your family legacy today! Book a parent coaching session for you and your co-parent to get on the same page together.


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