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Be Your Own Hero & Finish Strong in 2022

Wise Choice Educational & Family Solutions, Inc. was created in 2007, in order to transform lives using education, coaching, and mediation services. We have provided education, coaching, and mediation services to over 5,000 members of our community. Our goal is for children to be nurtured, youth to find optimism, and adults to feel empowered and make healthy choices - which builds strong individuals and families. We are committed to you and our community's success.

You are our hero.

Because we want to be wise in what we endeavor to provide we specialize in family relationships. This involves coaching and wisdom.

Coaching is the ability to plan and strategize for what lies ahead.

Wisdom has been defined as the ability to make choices that are beneficial and productive at the right time for the right circumstances.

Hence why we titled our company Wise Choice, and the reason we offer coaching support services to better help you reach your goals.

Human beings have been created and wired for relationships. Therefore, why not become the healthiest individual you can become so your relationships are healthier too? We believe you are good soil. Good soil is beneficial in other people’s lives and produces good fruit in your own endeavors.

How would you like to end 2022 strong?

Change will not happen unless you choose to take action.

There’s never been a better time than now to choose the change you want to see.

We invite you to consider us on your journey. We specialize in customized family coaching. Whether you are wondering whether your marriage can be saved, you are parenting at a different stage of childhood and need some new tools, or you just desire to become more effective in your personal life, we’d be honored to work with you toward your goals.

As John F. Kennedy said many years ago:

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

Think about where your life could be by the end of this year with coaching support. Consider a discovery session with us or get started by booking a coaching session. Book before Sept 30 and receive $50 off a single coaching session (use code FALL50) or $250 off the Be Your Own Hero 5-session package (use code 250SEPT).

We are committed to your success.

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