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Solve the Oldest Argument Between Men and Women

Oldest Argument Between Men and Women

It is said that we humans process an average of 350 to 500 words per minute.

The average woman speaks 20,000 words per day while the average man speaks 7,000 words per day.

That’s a lot of words and thoughts swirling around in our heads at any given time.

We are wonderfully made but our brains can only handle so much. Therefore, it is important to know who we are and design our lives based on our individual strengths, and the skills of the meaningful relationships in our lives.


KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE! And understand that too many words or too few words can create a sense of dread and panic.

You are a gift to yourself and others. Don’t give up on being good to yourself and others. Don’t fill your void with distractions or negative self-talk. Instead, stay focused on who you are and what type of qualities you are trying to increase in your own life such as:

  • Peaceful Friendships

  • Patience and Self Control

  • Goodwill and Graciousness

  • Kindness and Understanding

  • Joy and Humor

  • Forgiveness and Merciful

Stay close to the source of your character quality goals by:

  1. Knowing your own emotional state.

  2. Staying focused on where you want to go and the people you love – including yourself.

  3. Communicate this desire and vision with people you are doing life with.

  4. Staying the course.

  5. Taking at least one baby step each day to get you where you want to stay focused and celebrate each success.

To do this, we must harness our 500 +/- words thoughts per minute. Try thinking this one consistent thought – “what is one thing I can do today to assist another human being?” Rather than  thinking, “How can I make someone change their thought or opinion of me?” If you don’t have anyone  significant in your life, maybe you could start by thinking of something you are thankful for and dwell on thankfulness. Harnessing your thoughts is the key to a renewal and transforming your life.


If you are ready for a new mindset and feel you need help getting there, book a coaching appointment so we can do it TOGETHER! It is time to design your life and live the life you are dreaming of.

Later this month we will be focusing on writing your vision and getting clarity in your life using a variety of techniques.

Click the button below to book a coaching call.

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