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Time for a Mindset Shift - YOU by Design

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

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In many of my coaching sessions, clients often tell me that they feel like something is missing from their lives, but they have difficulty pinpointing the missing ingredient and are looking for help in finding it. The real question is usually rooted in “What is MY UNIQUE purpose for being on this earth?”

If you feel that your life is missing purpose, you might want to consider that it might be YOU are the missing ingredient.

Often, we spend so much time looking for what is ‘out’ there that we end up feeling lost and confused on how we fit into the equation.

We all have an exterior wheel that has components to being “us” in relation to work, family, relationships, our physical health, our financial goals, and our spiritual life - but the real question is, “what is the deeper purpose that links to these external components and that is our inner being, our very core?”

What values, beliefs, and unique abilities are linked to our core?

Your core is the essential component of who you are. YOU are the secret sauce, as you were not meant to look, behave, and be the same as everyone else around you. That would be a boring existence.

Our core connection with the external world is what makes our human lives fulfilling. However, it is much easier to cross the external pieces we want to manage off our list than it is to look into our core being and build our outside world from within. It can sound scary and overwhelming to focus on our inner selves, yet it is actually magnificent to do so. IT TAKES COURAGE TO DO SO.

How do you get back to the basics of self-management and live from the inside out? Here are 4 keys to unlocking YOU and shifting your anxiety to peaceful living.

1. Capture and remember your dreams. Dreams are a doorway to your inner life. Do you remember what activities you enjoyed doing as a young child? Try doing some of those activities and see if you start dreaming like you used to as a child. Make sure you take time to sleep, and when you wake up see what you can remember from your dreams. Write down the patterns, colors, shapes, and smells of your dreams.

2. Journal your dreams, your feelings, and your thoughts in life. Try not to start ruminating. If you do start to ruminate on one all-consuming thought, put the journal away and see if doodling, coloring, or making a collage puts you in a better “head space” to be productive. Keep focused on what it is in your life that makes you feel fully alive and whole. You might want to journal your prayers and thoughts to God. There are also multiple meditations online that you can use to direct your thoughts and then journal about those thoughts from the specific reading or exercise.

3. Renew your spiritual mind. Your spiritual life is bound to connect you to creativity. An outpouring for most people whose inner soul is connected with their Creator is the ability to create on the outside. You might start with a daily reading from your Bible, Torah, or inspirational reading. Let your mind see the beauty around you, even in the midst of brokenness. You might also start doing an evening ritual where you take a moral inventory of the day. Be sure you don’t put off anything that you can do today. This exercise creates order from the inside out.

4. Develop and create a community of support. It is amazing what a small group of like-minded and trusted friends can do to help you uncover valuable information about who you are – your strengths and core values often become very apparent in relationships with others.

The key to moving in the right direction is to start scheduling a regular time for discovering who you are by starting each day with a few minutes of “YOU” time.

The ideas mentioned above can seem rather cumbersome at first, however, if you persevere and make developing yourself a major priority, chances are you will start spending more time with YOU and actually look forward to this scheduled time in your daily routine. Your relationship with yourself is at the heart of a great life – loving relationships, real joy, and a life filled with much depth and meaning.

It is time to reclaim and restore your wonderfully whole self! Click the button below to book a coaching call. We can work together to find your missing ingredients and your purpose for being and build an accountability partnership to achieve the new life you have dreamed of.


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