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Why Communication: Effectively Communicating your Needs to Others

Are you willing to give yourself an opportunity to open the door to enhanced communication?

One way to do this is to get better at communicating your needs. When you communicate your needs to others, you give them the opportunity to understand you better and to support you in the ways you need.

Yet, it can be challenging to communicate our needs, and doesn’t always come naturally to humans. You may feel uncomfortable at first or that people are judging you.

However, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone, and everyone has needs worth sharing. Expressing your needs can help you build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with others.

Here are some tips to help you communicate your needs to others:

  1. Do so in a way that is clear, direct, and respectful.

  2. Be specific about what you need, and explain why it's important to you.

  3. Do not blame or criticize the other person.

  4. Avoid negative and inconsistent body language

And here I am telling you that effective communication is THE GLUE that bonds relationships together. It deepens our bond with others, improves teamwork outcomes, allows for good decision making, and enhances problem solving. Effective communication can enable one to communicate difficult or contradicting information without creating conflict, chaos, or destroying trust!

Check out this article to learn more about effective communication. To expand your communication skills even further, read this post.

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- Laura Rosal, MA Qualified Mental Health Professional & Mediator

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